What is the most prominent part of a person? The face. As we age, our facial skin loses collagen, elastin, and even fat. This can result in a loss of volume, wrinkles, creases, and even sagging, and can make us look older than we are, or than we feel. For those who do not currently want to undergo surgery to address their facial issues, but who want to look more refreshed and more youthful, the Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment with minimal downtime. The Liquid Facelift combines cosmetic injections and dermal fillers to address certain facial issues to achieve your desired appearance. Treatment can usually be completed in one visit.

The Pogue Center’s nurse will use an artistic eye and experience to create a plan to address your concerns, and review the details of what you can expect during and after your treatment. After your assessment, we will select a product or combination of fillers to meet your needs (Voluma, Vollure, or Juvederm Ultra Plus), as well as Botox, for your treatment. As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary for each patient. Based on our experience, we are confident you will be pleased with your results. The Pogue Center looks forward to helping you discover the best version of yourself.