When it comes to changing the appearance of your face, there are many cosmetic surgeries that can help attain dramatic makeover. Eyelid surgery, also called eyelift or blepharoplasty, is one of the most effective ways to correct dullness and sagging in the eyes. There is a host of problems that this surgery can address. Being a popular one, there are several certified surgeons with a lot of experience in handling this surgery.

What Happens During An Eyelid Surgery?

The first step is for the surgeon to evaluate the structure of the eyelids and identify whether correction is required on one eyelid or both. Incision is planned on the eye lash line or in a spot that makes the scar inconspicuous, like in the skin folds. Excess skin would then be removed from the incision made so as to correct the eyelid sag. Excess skin folds that cause irritation in the eyes or even affect vision can all be corrected with this procedure.

The Many Benefits Eyelid Surgery Offers

Eyelid surgery is performed for cosmetic or even for medical reasons. Given that people with different ethnicity have different eye structure there are trained surgeons who can handle customized eyelid surgeries.

  • By removing the excess folds in the skin, droopy appearance of the eye and sagging eyelids can be altered significantly. This makes the eye look brighter and more awake and alert.
  • Puffiness could be another reason why people choose to get an eyelid surgery. Excess fat pad in the eyelids can sometimes be the cause for puffiness. This can make you look tired or sleepy all the time. The surgery can extract excess fat and reduce puffiness making you look fresh.
  • Wrinkles that form on the forehead near the eyebrows could also be due to heavy eyelids or puffiness. Tightening of the skin on the upper eyelids and comprehensive correction of the skin on the eyelids can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead. Eyelid surgery also comes as a measure to remove fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes giving your face a more youthful glow.

In the end, along with the enhanced appearance of the eyes improved vision also comes as an added advantage.