The Brow Lift procedure is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to improve and lift the forehead area. The forehead may begin to sag as we get older and lines, wrinkles and creases can form creating a more run-down or tired appearance. The brow lift is performed to lift and smooth the forehead to create a more youthful and vibrant appearance. At Pogue Center we always work to create the most natural looking results possible. It is important to consider each patient’s unique features, bone structure, goals and concerns to create natural results. The brow lift procedure may be performed on its own or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as an eyelid lift, facelift, dermal fillers, or botox to create a facial rejuvenation for the whole face. To learn more about the brow lift procedure and recovery process, and to find out if you may be a good candidate for this procedure, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation today.