The brow lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that has helped both men and women achieve a more youthful and lifted forehead appearance. Ideal candidates for the brow lift are in good health, nonsmokers, and have realistic expectations for the procedure, recovery, and potential results. Many people notice lines and wrinkles in the brow area as they get older. In addition to making us look older, frown lines can make us look angry or upset, even when our face is at rest. Loose, sagging skin can hood our eyes and make us seem worn out or chronically tired, even when we are well rested.

The brow lift is typically performed one or two ways: either a traditional brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift. In the endoscopic brow lift a small camera is used and smaller incisions within the hair line. This procedure is used when there is less work needed to achieve the results, and as just smaller, less invasive incisions and a bit quicker recovery. The traditional brow lift is also performed through an incision in the hairline, but this incision is longer, usually going from behind one ear to the other ear. Sometimes the brow lift is performed in combination with other procedure such as the eyelid lift or face lift. To learn more about your facial rejuvenation options, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.