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The Pogue Center Blog

Amazing Facts about the Human Face

Our faces reveal multitudes about who we are, what we are thinking, feeling, as well as our intentions and impressions—it is one of the most complex parts of the human body. Lying right under your nose is an awesome landscape of skin, muscles, features and expressions which we know little about. So from The Pogue […]

Cosmetic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You? Deciding on cosmetic surgery can be a huge decision to make. It is important to understand the motivation for wanting surgery, and whether this is something surgery can achieve. People get cosmetic surgery for many reasons; some want to look younger while others seek to change or enhance a […]

Day 14 – The improvement can be seen.

The only red that remains is under my eyes and a few lines on my face. Only very faint bruising left on my jaw and chin, which makeup can hide. Some red marks remain on my face. My neck and chest are still flaking and I have some light bruises on my jaw and under […]

Day 7 – The progress is heaven

Day 7 after laser resurfacing with Sciton Laser. Day 7 – The progress is heaven Observations: Neck is starting to peel Under eye area still red and sore Flaking on face, especially around mouth Able to apply some makeup to my upper eyelids Stitches come out today

Day 6 – Take a look at my pics!

Under eye area is still a bit crusty and tender, but the rest of my face is looking fabulous! Peeling has progressed really well on my cheeks. I have some bruising and tenderness from the liposuction along my jawline and under my chin. I used to head straight for the coffee maker when I wake […]

Day 2 – Now We’re Cooking!

Now we are cooking! I start the day tired, as sleep eluded me last night. I found it difficult to get comfortable because I have to sleep in an upright position. The most significant change in my status today is that my face is pretty swollen. Fortunately, today is when I start taking the Medrol […]

Testing Skinceuticals Post-Procedure Kit

Let the test begin. I will follow the directions for the kit on the right side of my face. I will apply the standard protocol, Aquaphor, to the left side of my face. Hope in a jar?

Day 3 – Get A Load of Me

Day 3 – Turning Point I apply saline soaked sterile gauze to the areas of my face where crust has formed. As soon as I open my eyes this morning, I realize I feel much better today. I have heard Day 3 is the turning point for most patients, and I am happy to be […]

Day 4 – Yes, There is More!

Close up what my skin looks like. View of stitches and bruises after submental liposuction. Red and blotchy and very sore under eyes. Crust forms under my eyes. Shine on! Got itch?! My recovery medications. Oh, the itch! I’m dying to scratch! Besides the itchy feeling all over my face and neck, I’m feeling great. […]

Day 5 – I’m Alive!

Day 5 – Let the peeling begin. Skin turns dark and then peels. Flaking around my lips. Skinceuticals calming mask is pure heaven! O.K. I have a confession to make…I am so over my face. For 5 days I’ve been consumed with caring for my face and honestly, it’s getting old. I decide it’s time […]